For Those Who Wonder

My personal blog to throw my feelings on a page where I won't be judged.

I had it all planned out. The hand holding. The surprise kisses. The adorable hugs. I had it all going for you. But that dream is gone. Now time to move on. But oh god ho I want the kisses and hand holding and hugs. Trust me, its definitely a desire. but you screwed this up. Your loss. You’ll get lonely, but I won’t wait for the day you give in to the part of you that misses me.


Can someone please hold me and let me rest my head and rub my neck so this pain will go away and then fall asleep with me? I promise I’ll love you forever and give you all the cuddles…

“If I could control the tides, I’d have them wash upon your feet as you lay
If I could control the babbling brook, I’d have it sing you a lullaby
If I could control the rain, I’d have it wash the pain away.
But I cannot control the tides, brook, nor rain
All I really have is this heart that chooses to love you
Each and everyday.”

*the things unseen and the space in between*:  


We were stars, basking in one another’s rays
providing light where darkness had only been before.
But now it’s just cold.
Where is the sunshine?
Where is the breath of fresh air?
My lungs are frozen
Waiting for winter to pass
So that I might breathe again.